Pancreas Center

The Pancreas Center at St. Josef-Hospital Bochum


The purpose of the Pancreas Center at St. Josef-Hospital Bochum is to bring together knowledge and extended experience in interdisciplinary teamwork for the good of our patients.

The Pancreas Center at St. Josef-Hospital Bochum with its team consisting of numerous specialists will guarantee best possible results.

The Center is state-of-the-art, thanks to meticulous and in-depth research. As part of an international network of similar institutes, it is up to date on the latest research of pancreatic diseases worldwide.

When a new treatment or a better medication becomes available, our patients are first to benefit.

The patient is in the focus

Anyone suffering from pancreatic disease will get extensive support during therapy. The required specialists are close at hand - whether it be it diagnostic, surgical and traditional treatment or nutritional advice, the team will consult and co-ordinate - for the benefit of the patient.

  • Doctors specialised and skilled in endoscopic procedures perform all required medical examinations. Biliary and pancreas ducts are assessed and surgery is carried out if required.
  • With the help of modern technology, experienced radiologists can diagnose patients at an early stage.
  • Gastroenterologisch spezialisierte Internisten helfen bei der Diagnostik und therapieren die Patienten wenn möglich ohne Operation, wenn nötig nach der Operation und helfen bei der Krankheitsbewältigung.
  • Internists trained in gastroenterology will assists in diagnosing and treating the patient, if possible without surgery, They will also provide post-operative assistance and help the patient come to terms with the disease.
  • A highly trained team of surgeons from all over the world, experienced in appropriate surgical procedures will habitually perform even the most difficult operations.
  • Diabetes specialists look after diabetes patients and educate these in nutritional matters.
  • Oncologists closely work together with radiotherapists to help tumour patients.
  • Pain therapists assist with pain management if the condition is severe and cannot be alleviated with surgery.
  • Caring nurses and dietary consultants help our patients deal with any imaginable difficulty.
  • The Center conducts patient-focused clinical studies and in-depth pancreatic research on an ongoing basis. The goal is to offer more effective therapies. Close collaboration with national and international research sites is always a priority.

Top Class Medicine that cares, where the patient is in the focus

In the area of benign and malignant diseases of the pancreas, our pancreatic center enjoys regional and national reputation. This is confirmed by the large number of patients coming from abroad. Germany-wide, the pancreas center ranks with comprehensive but targeted diagnostics, surgery by proven experts, interdisciplinary pre- and post-operative care in terms of nutrition, sugar control, chemotherapy if necessary and mediation of follow-up treatment and contact with self-help groups to the largest centers.