State-of-the-Art Medical Care

The Pancreas Center at St. Josef-Hospital Bochum is one of world's leading clinics for pancreatic disorders. Extensive research and development projects and new concepts of in-house co-operation and organisation keep the facility at top level.


The Pancreas Center at St. Josef-Hospital Bochum can provide medical services of the highest order for these reasons:

  • Physicians have advanced skill levels
  • Co-operation with the research unit of the medical faculty at the Ruhr-University of Bochum means that research results are immediately available for the benefit of our patients.
A well co-ordinated team doing everything for the patient.

The medical performance of the Pancreas Center at St. Josef-Hospital Bochum is intensified in that any patient can benefit from the wide spectrum of services offered by St. Josef-Hospital and the clinics of the Ruhr-University.

All specialists are available on the premises for the benefit of the patient.


The St. Josef-Hospital Bochum.

Patient Care
All our efforts are geared towards providing the best possible treatment for our patients and making their visit in our facility as enjoyable as possible.

Patient care is essential for the Pancreas Center at St. Josef-Hospital Bochum.

Compassion and Warmth
Nurses have an important role when it comes to providing first-rate medical service. Our staff are committed to compassionate and considerate care. Under theses circumstances our patients can look forward to a pleasant stay at our facility.