St. Josef-Hospital Bochum


The Pancreas Center Nordrhein-Westfalen is located at the St. Josef-Hospital Bochum.
St. Josef- and St. Elisabeth-Hospital, with their clinics, are amongst the most well-established and progressive Medical Centres in Bochum.
Mission Statement
We have set a model with the following themes:

1. We act according to a Christian understanding of human dignity.
As Christians we believe that every human being is created by God, in His image, as a dwelling place for God, wanted, loved and accepted by God.
2. Science and humanity go hand in hand in medicine.
The dignity of man is the first guideline for our actions.
3. We stand for patient satisfaction and steady progress in patient care.
In everything we do the patient is our focus.
4. Assuring and development of quality are top priority for us.
Our quality management is recognized all over Europe.
5. We stand for satisfaction of our staff.
We enjoy working in our clinics.
6. We stand for dialogue.
We use communication to get along well.
7. We like to pass on our knowledge and our attitude.
Education and professional formation are our duty.
8. Our business practices are consistent with our Christian ethos.
As a Catholic University Hospital we have a unique position and responsibility.
9. Leadership reflects people, tasks, and our Christian model of humanity.
The work of our leaders is an important service. Our leaders have a high degree of responsibility for their team members, and for the outcomes in their area.

10. We are pillars and partners in the Health Care field.
Within the Health Care field of the Ruhrgebiet area we seek out targeted opportunities for partnerships.